Constance Saint-Amour is the kind of woman who has always had big dreams. As a child already, she was drawing silhouettes and reinventing her dolls’ wardrobe. It was only natural that she chose fashion design as a career and therefore obtained her degree from LaSalle College in Montreal in 2012.


In 2013, She began creating outfits that we’re simple but different. Soon after, she would meet the owner of C’GlAM who showed much interest in her clothes and ordered two different models of capes which were sold out in a few weeks. 

This success further nourished Constance’s passion and determination and convinced her that fashion was her life. Her creations are all handmade. She enjoys every step of creating: from drawing, to sewing, to the final product. She is a firm believer that clothes are a reflection of a person's mood, attitude and personality . Her main objective when creating is to make women feel good about themselves. The woman wearing Constance Saint-Amour Dsgn feel confident and sexy without compromising comfort.

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